Police Seize Cell Phone Linked to Woman Claiming to be Missing Madeleine McCann

Law enforcement officials have taken possession of a cell phone as part of their ongoing investigation into the case of a Polish woman who claimed to be the long-missing British child, Madeleine McCann. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department contacted authorities in Wroclaw, Poland, after discovering that the device allegedly belonged to Julia Wendell, the woman who sought refuge in California. The phone was handed over voluntarily and has been subjected to a search and seizure operation.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has confirmed its involvement in the case but has refrained from providing specific details about the investigation or the significance of the cell phone. Police spokesman Sgt. Mike Woodroof stated that they are conducting a thorough investigation and will allow the appropriate authorities to take over if necessary.

This recent development comes after a DNA test conclusively proved that Julia Wendell, 21, is not Madeleine McCann, who disappeared at the age of three during a family vacation in Portugal back in 2007. RadarOnline.com previously reported on the ancestry DNA test, which revealed Wendell’s Polish heritage, completely ruling out any possibility of her being the missing child.

Despite the conclusive findings, Wendell recently announced plans to undergo a second DNA test in Poland, casting doubt on the validity of the samples taken by Dr. Fia Johansson in California. In a post on her now-deactivated Instagram account, Wendell expressed her determination to uncover the truth and apologized to Madeleine’s parents, while still maintaining that she could be the missing child.

As the investigation intensifies and authorities examine the seized cell phone, interest in the case continues to capture global attention.

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