Peter Schweizer Anticipates Democrats Will Have Difficulty Denying Joe Biden’s Connection to Hunter’s Ventures After Archer’s Testimony

Renowned author and president of the Government Accountability Institute, Peter Schweizer, offers insights on the impending testimony of former business partner of Hunter Biden, Devon Archer. Schweizer suggests that due to Archer’s significant involvement as Hunter Biden’s partner, it will be arduous for Democrats serving on the committee to dismiss President Joe Biden’s participation in Hunter’s business deals, as they did previously with the whistleblowers.

New Evidence Pointing towards Biden’s Complicity

Schweizer highlights that bank records provide evidence of money transfers associated with Hunter Biden’s business ventures. Considering Archer’s forthcoming testimony and the possibility of other business partners testifying, the evidence against Joe Biden’s involvement in these deals is becoming increasingly compelling.

The Crucial Role Played by Archer in Hunter Biden’s Enterprises

Archer is emphasized as Hunter Biden’s primary business associate, participating in various lucrative opportunities together. This includes both their roles on the Burisma board and Archer’s position in a Chinese private equity fund. Schweizer underscores the significance of Archer’s knowledge in potentially exposing the extent of Joe Biden’s involvement.

Democrats Facing a Formidable Challenge

Schweizer predicts that Democrats on the committee will find it challenging to employ their previous strategy of denying Joe Biden’s connection to these ventures, given Archer’s close association with Hunter Biden. The pressure is mounting on Democrats to honestly address Biden’s potential involvement.

Coming Up: “Examining the Implications of Archer’s Testimony on Biden’s Associations”

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