Paige Spiranac Faces Resemblance with Jaguars’ Trevor Lawrence as Social Media Trolls Attack

Paige Spiranac, a renowned golf influencer, has often dealt with criticism and negative comments on social media. However, she recently found herself unable to shake off comparisons to NFL star quarterback Trevor Lawrence, leading her to express her discomfort with the situation.

During a discussion about her recent success in sports betting, Spiranac mentioned that she had received unpleasant comments following a streak of bad luck last week. Among these comments, one caught her attention – a comparison to Trevor Lawrence due to their shared preference for black headbands.

The resemblance goes beyond the choice of headwear and extends to their blonde hair, which has become the target of online trolls. While both Spiranac and Lawrence utilize black headbands to keep their hair in check, fans have taken this as an opportunity for playful banter and teasing.

In response to these comments, Spiranac posted a video on X (formerly Twitter), acknowledging the resemblance and humorously suggesting that she would burn the headband to avoid further comparisons. Nevertheless, she encouraged her fans to enjoy her betting picks despite the unwanted resemblance.

Meanwhile, Trevor Lawrence has been seen wearing a black headband with the Jacksonville Jaguars’ team logo during training camp. The headband serves the practical purpose of keeping his long, blonde hair away from his eyes.

Although the comparison may be lighthearted, Spiranac wishes to shift the focus back to her betting picks and regain momentum after a recent off week. She has confidence in her ability to make accurate predictions and requests continued support from her fans. Spiranac has also shared her picks for the upcoming Wyndham Championship, expressing faith in golfers like Denny McCarthy, Russell Henley, and J.T. Poston through various outright and Top 10 bets in the PGA Tour tournament.

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