Oli London Reveals Dylan Mulvaney as a “Grifter” Exploiting Corporations and Criticizes Promotion of Trans ‘Conversion Therapy’

Casting Doubt on Dylan Mulvaney’s Intentions

Oli London, a well-known author and influencer, courageously accuses transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney of being a shameless “grifter” who takes advantage of woke corporations for personal gain. London argues that Mulvaney is manipulating these corporations, who are forcefully pushing radical gender ideology onto their customers.

Corporations’ Involvement in Promoting Transgender Ideology

London sheds light on the close relationship between corporations and the transgender movement. He suggests that corporations are essentially engaging in what he refers to as “modern conversion therapy.” Instead of attempting to dissuade individuals from the LGBT lifestyle, as traditional conversion therapies did, these corporations actively promote and normalize transgender ideology.

A Controversial Marketing Move by Bud Light

London draws attention to the case of Bud Light, an American beer brand that attempted to rebrand itself by featuring Mulvaney’s image on their cans and bottles as part of his “365 Days of Girlhood” campaign. However, the decision was met with widespread backlash, which resulted in a significant decline in Bud Light’s beer sales. London sees this as a cautionary tale for corporations attempting to market transgender ideology to disinterested consumers.

Labeling Dylan Mulvaney as an Opportunist

According to London, Mulvaney does not represent the transgender community genuinely. Instead, London views Mulvaney as an opportunist who is capitalizing on the current popularity of the transgender movement to amass wealth and fame.

Exploring Oli London’s Book: “Gender Madness”

To combat what he sees as harmful practices, London has authored a book entitled “Gender Madness.” In his book, he exposes how social media platforms expose children to gender ideology and offers strategies to combat these influences. The book is currently available for pre-order and is scheduled to be released in August.

An Active Social Media Presence

In addition to his book, London actively maintains a strong social media presence. He utilizes these platforms to expose what he perceives as the radical gender ideology movement and raises awareness about the potential harm it may cause.

In the face of corporations and influencers promoting transgender ideology, Oli London remains resolute in his mission to uncover the truth and safeguard future generations from what he believes are manipulative practices.

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