Oklahoma Governor Takes a Stand to Protect Women Against Gender Ideology

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has signed into law a groundbreaking “Women’s Bill of Rights” aimed at safeguarding women and girls from the effects of an “out-of-control gender ideology.” This executive order provides clear definitions for terms like “female,” “woman,” and “mother” and ensures the protection of women-only spaces.

Championing Against Gender Ideology

During the signing ceremony, Governor Stitt emphasized the importance of standing up against the detrimental impact of gender ideology on our society. Joined by former NCAA swimming champion Riley Gaines and the Independent Women’s Voice (IWV), he expressed his commitment to preserving the core values that underpin our community.

Inspired by a Model Legislation

The Women’s Bill of Rights was inspired by model legislation developed by the Independent Women’s Voice (IWV). Oklahoma is the third state to adopt this pioneering legislative framework, which seeks to establish a unified definition of “sex” in state codes and laws, referring to one’s biological sex at birth. Kansas and Tennessee have already followed suit after being inspired by IWV’s model.

Safeguarding Women and Girls

Governor Stitt’s decision to implement the Women’s Bill of Rights has received praise from Somerlyn Cothran, a certified Oklahoma businesswoman and senior vice president of investor relations at the Independent Women’s Forum and Independent Women’s Voice. Cothran expressed her relief that young girls and women in Oklahoma no longer have to fear for their safety within private female-only spaces.

Reaffirming the Definition of Womanhood

Cothran emphasized the significance of the Governor’s executive order in providing protection to women-owned businesses and female entrepreneurs across the state. Without this decisive action, the definition of womanhood could potentially lose its meaning and value.

Acknowledging the Importance of Action

Riley Gaines, known for her race against Lia Thomas, a man who identifies as a woman, released a statement commending Governor Stitt for taking decisive action to protect women and girls. Gaines emphasized the crucial need to respect biological differences in order to ensure the future existence of female-only spaces and applauded the Governor’s efforts in this regard.

Ensuring Equal Opportunity and Safety

By establishing a Women’s Bill of Rights, Oklahoma aims to emphasize the importance of equal opportunity, privacy, and safety for women. This executive order solidifies common language and serves as a powerful declaration that these fundamental rights should be protected for all women in the state.

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