New York City Migrant Shelters Pose Threats, Prompting City Officials to Seek Private Security

New York City is facing a concerning situation in its migrant shelters, with reports of dangerous and volatile conditions. The city has seen a staggering number of border crossers and illegal aliens, with over 84,000 arriving since last year and approximately 50,000 currently residing in shelters. Surprisingly, this population now surpasses the number of native New Yorkers.

Gregory Floyd, representing the unarmed peace officers of Teamsters Local 237, raised awareness about the perilous situation in the migrant shelters. He disclosed that some individuals in these facilities are gang members, heightening the risk in an already precarious environment. Floyd stated concerns about whether all the migrants have been properly vetted, and emphasized that his members are unarmed.

It is worth noting that over 60% of the border crossers and illegal aliens being housed in New York City are financially supported by local taxpayers, including in luxury hotels like the Roosevelt Hotel. This influx has caused the shelter system’s population to grow by more than 110% since Mayor Eric Adams took office. To accommodate these newcomers, Adams has had to make cuts to public services such as meals for senior citizens and reduced library hours. Additionally, the financial burden of illegal immigration on New York taxpayers currently amounts to nearly $8 million per day and is projected to reach an astounding $4.2 billion by the middle of next year, according to Mayor Adams.

The safety and economic impacts of the city’s migrant shelter system have raised significant concerns, signaling the need for effective solutions. This situation serves as a stark reminder of the consequences associated with unregulated illegal immigration and the strain it places on communities and resources.

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