New Title: Trump’s Indictment Mirrors a Familiar Trend: Suspicious Timing Amidst Negative News for Biden

Special Counsel’s Indictment of Trump Aligns with Past Occurrences

The recent indictment of former President Donald Trump by Special Counsel Jack Smith follows a well-observed pattern. Throughout previous instances, Trump’s indictments have strangely and conveniently coincided with or followed negative legal developments surrounding President Joe Biden and his family.

Recurring Instances of Suspicious Timing

In the month of April, Trump was indicted in Manhattan on charges pertaining to Stormy Daniels’ payments. Interestingly enough, this occurred on the same day when former Biden aide Kathy Chung testified about the mishandling of classified documents. Further down the line in June, Trump faced another indictment in Miami just as lawmakers publicly disclosed Biden’s and Hunter’s receipt of payments from Burisma. Later that same month, an upgraded indictment was filed subsequent to Hunter Biden’s failed plea bargain in court. And most recently, Trump’s indictment surfaced after Hunter Biden’s business associate provided testimony regarding Biden’s involvement in financial transactions.

Public Opinion Reflects Trump’s Popularity

On Tuesday, numerous headlines highlighted polls that suggested Trump’s robust standing in the race for the Republican presidential nomination and his potential to defeat Biden in a 2024 rematch.

Coincidence or Political Motive?

While it is plausible that these instances of timing are coincidental, they have raised significant concerns regarding the Department of Justice’s impartiality. Doubts about a potential political agenda influencing the investigations have been fueled. Attorney General Merrick Garland faces the arduous task of convincing the American public that these investigations are not politically motivated.

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