New Title: Trump Supporters Remain Open to Other GOP Candidates, Poll Discovers

A recent poll conducted by the New York Times/Siena College has shed light on the divergent opinions among supporters of former President Donald Trump. While Trump currently holds the lead in the GOP presidential primary race, a significant portion of his supporters are open to considering alternative candidates for the 2024 elections.

The survey revealed that 54% of Republican respondents are backing Trump for a third term as president. However, a noteworthy 46% of Trump supporters are willing to vote for a different candidate in the upcoming election, indicating a level of uncertainty within the base.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis emerges as a prominent contender among those who are considering alternative choices. 17% of GOP voters favor DeSantis as their preferred candidate, positioning him strongly in the race. In a hypothetical one-on-one contest against Trump, DeSantis trails with 31% support compared to Trump’s 62%, but his significant backing suggests a viable alternative.

On the other hand, other Republican contenders such as former Vice President Mike Pence and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley receive minimal support, with less than 4% of respondents favoring them in the poll.

Interestingly, among respondents who don’t initially support either DeSantis or Trump, 47% would choose DeSantis, while only 29% would opt for Trump if the two were the only options. This highlights DeSantis’ potential to challenge Trump in a hypothetical matchup.

As DeSantis continues to ramp up his 2024 campaign, he casts doubt on Trump’s nomination prospects, citing “realities” observed in recent state polling. This implies that Trump’s hold on the nomination is not as secure as it may seem.

Despite facing ongoing legal battles, including a recent indictment on 37 federal counts related to classified documents, Trump argues that his lead in the polls is responsible for the increased scrutiny he is facing.

In another hypothetical scenario, the poll reveals that if a rematch were to happen between Trump and President Biden in 2024, both candidates would secure 43% support among likely voters, underlining the potential competitiveness of such a race.

The poll, conducted in both English and Spanish, surveyed 1,329 registered voters nationwide, with an over-sample of 818 registered Republican voters. The margin of error for all registered voters is plus or minus 3.67 percentage points, while for the likely Republican primary electorate it is plus or minus 3.96 percentage points.

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