New Title: Michigan Election Survey Shows Trump and Biden Tied, Trump Gains Advantage with Third-Party Candidate

Introduction: A recent survey conducted by Emerson College Polling reveals that in a hypothetical rematch of the 2020 election, former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden are tied in Michigan. However, when Green Party candidate Cornel West is included as a third-party candidate, Trump takes the lead with 43 percent support, while Biden’s numbers drop to 41 percent.

Poll Results: In a head-to-head race, Trump and Biden both receive 44 percent of the votes, with five percent of participants undecided and eight percent supporting other candidates. However, with West included in the survey, Trump secures 43 percent support, Biden’s numbers dip to 41 percent, and West receives four percent support. Another four percent back different candidates, while eight percent remain undecided.

Trump Dominates GOP Primary Field: The poll also indicates that Trump holds a significant lead in the GOP primary field, with 61 percent support compared to 13 percent for DeSantis and seven percent for Pence.

Concerns Arise Regarding Cornel West’s Candidacy: West’s candidacy as a radical progressive is causing worries among liberals, who fear he could potentially harm Biden’s chances and potentially benefit Trump or another Republican candidate in the general election. Notable Democrats, such as Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jim McGovern, have voiced their concerns over West’s potential impact on the electoral outcome.

Criticism Aimed at Cornel West: West is facing criticism from the left, with the Daily Beast reporting that he has outstanding back taxes amounting to over $500,000 and labeling him as a “deadbeat.” West responded by stating that he and his sibling have enlisted the help of their accountant to address these allegations, some of which he claims are false.

Senator Joe Manchin as a Possible Third-Party Candidate: Speculation has risen around Senator Joe Manchin potentially running as a third-party candidate, with connections being made to the No Labels group.

Conclusion: As we approach the 2024 election, the presence of potential third-party candidates like Cornel West and Joe Manchin is sparking attention and concern among Democrats. There are fears that their candidacies could impact the electoral landscape and influence the final outcome of the race.

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