New Title: Capture of Career Fraudster Living a Life of Luxury in Florida Following Prison Escape

Intro: Alan Todd May, a career fraudster who fled from a federal prison in Colorado in 2018, has been apprehended in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. May had been residing under the false identity of “Jacob Turner” and enjoying a lavish lifestyle. His arrest occurred as he was in the process of moving into a $1.5 million home near the ocean, displaying wealth through possessions such as a Rolex watch and a high-end Mercedes-Benz.

Living a Life of Luxury: May’s apprehension took place after an anonymous individual recognized him from a photograph published at an upscale charity event in Palm Beach. Since his prison escape, federal marshals had been actively searching for May, who had absconded in a stolen U.S. Bureau of Prisons truck. May had been serving a 20-year sentence for mail fraud connected to a Ponzi scheme totaling $7 million.

Committing Further Crimes on the Run: While in hiding, May managed to acquire an additional $700,000 through fraudulent activities. Despite being on the loose for over three years, his arrest was made possible due to the information provided by the tipster and the dedicated efforts of investigators.

Suspicions Arise about May’s Wealth and Potential Victims: May’s extravagant way of life and apparent riches have raised doubts, prompting investigators to examine the origin of his funds and whether he victimized others during his escape. Authorities believe that May possesses exceptional skills in deception, allowing him to live a life of luxury undetected.

Investigations and Collaborative Efforts: With May back under custody, the primary focus now lies in determining if anyone assisted him throughout his time on the run. Investigators are also delving deeper into the possibility of additional victims and the scope of his fraudulent activities.

Security Concerns within the Federal Prison System: May’s escape is just one among a series of incidents where individuals have managed to flee from federal prisons, highlighting the security concerns within the Bureau of Prisons system. This case also emphasizes the significance of alert and attentive members of the public in aiding law enforcement agencies to successfully apprehend fugitives.

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