New Report Highlights Alleged Influence of Obama in Biden’s White House In an article recently published by Tablet online magazine, concerns are raised about the extent of former President Barack Obama’s influence in President Joe Biden’s administration. The report, titled “The Obama Factor,” includes an interview with civil rights historian and Obama biographer David Garrow, shedding light on lesser-known aspects of Obama’s life. It questions the authenticity of Obama’s memoir, “Dreams from my Father,” and delves into private discussions about homosexual fantasies.

The report’s main focus is on Obama’s alleged involvement in Biden’s presidency. According to the article, Obama is seen as a “third-term president in all but name,” effectively operating the government from his iPhone. The report also criticizes the Washington press corps for failing to acknowledge and report on Obama’s behind-the-scenes role.

Barack Obama’s previous statements about being content with someone acting as a “stand-in” while he works quietly in the background are quoted in the article. The lack of transparency surrounding Obama’s political operations is criticized, with the media accused of prioritizing the interests of the powerful.

The report also analyzes Obama’s public image, suggesting that he constructed a fictional persona for himself that he embodied. It discusses the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) as a “fraud” and criticizes Obama’s approach to foreign policy, particularly in Syria and Russia. The authors speculate that Obama’s pursuit of the Iran nuclear deal may have been driven by his resentment towards Jewish self-determination, although not necessarily by antisemitism, but by a sense of envy towards black communal identity.

Furthermore, the report briefly touches on the controversy surrounding Obama’s birth certificate, proposing that his reluctance to release the “long-form” version was motivated by a desire to maintain a unique and exotic image of himself.

In conclusion, the report raises important questions about Obama’s influence on Biden’s policies and decisions, emphasizing the need for greater transparency in understanding the power dynamics within the current administration.

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