New Nonprofit Organization, Themis Alliance, Defends Individuals Against Cancel Culture and Upholds Constitutional Rights

In an effort to combat cancel culture and protect the rights of ordinary Americans, the legal team that aided Kyle Rittenhouse has established a nonprofit organization called Themis Alliance. Its primary goal is to assist individuals who find themselves targeted for exercising their constitutional rights and facing coordinated attacks on their First Amendment freedoms.

Jillian Anderson, a board member of Themis Alliance, expressed the organization’s mission to defend Americans who face censorship or the weaponization of government against them for expressing dissenting opinions towards government policies.

The inspiration for forming the organization arose during Rittenhouse’s defense, where he encountered various obstacles such as being banned from multiple online platforms while attempting to raise funds for his legal representation. The group sees this incident as a troubling instance of censorship and seeks to support those who have been silenced by the “woke mob” and “cancel culture.”

The alliance will employ a combination of public relations efforts and legal defense strategies to aid those targeted by cancel culture. Additionally, the organization plans to engage in Equal Justice Education Campaigns to educate the public about the significance of equal justice. Themis Alliance was aptly named after the Greek goddess of justice, Themis.

By highlighting cases like that of U.S. Marine Corps veteran Daniel Penny, who was charged with second-degree manslaughter in the choking death of Jordan Neely on a New York City subway, the organization aims to provide financial assistance, access to reputable lawyers, and a platform to defend those burdened by legal challenges.

Kyle Rittenhouse has expressed his support for the new nonprofit, recognizing his own powerlessness against the concerted efforts to hinder his ability to raise legal funds and share his side of the story during his trial. He believes that regular Americans need a reliable ally that is willing to stand up for the truth.

Themis Alliance will continue to back Rittenhouse as he faces ongoing civil cases and public relations hurdles. The organization’s objective is to refute false narratives and raise funds for legal defense, preventing individuals from enduring personal and professional destruction caused by coordinated public persecution campaigns.

The establishment of Themis Alliance comes at a time when concerns about cancel culture and its impact on free speech and justice in America are growing.

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