Ne-Yo Voices Concerns Over Children’s Gender Transition, Apologizes Later

In a recent interview with Gloria Velez for VladTV, renowned singer Ne-Yo shared his reservations about parents who support their children’s decision to transition. He criticized them for potentially abdicating their parental responsibilities and allowing their children to determine their own reality. However, Ne-Yo issued an apology on Sunday night, expressing his intention to educate himself further on the topic and approach future conversations with greater empathy.

During his initial remarks, Ne-Yo questioned the concept of young children, as young as five years old, making life-altering choices regarding their gender identity. He reminisced about a time when there were only two genders and admitted his confusion regarding the current acceptance of such decisions.

Despite receiving backlash from pro-transgender activists on Twitter, Ne-Yo’s viewpoints align with a majority of Americans who oppose medical transitioning for minors. According to a Washington Post-KFF poll, approximately 68 percent of adults are against granting access to puberty-blocking medication for transgender children between the ages of 10 and 14. Similarly, 58 percent oppose access to hormonal treatments for transgender teenagers aged 15 to 17. Furthermore, a significant portion of the population believes that transgender women and girls should not participate in sports alongside cisgender women and girls at various levels.

The issue of gender-affirming care for transgender children has sparked a wave of anti-LGBTQ legislation, resulting in 19 states implementing laws that restrict healthcare access for this population. Louisiana recently became the 20th state to ban medical transitioning for minors. Some of these laws impose penalties on healthcare professionals who provide gender-affirming treatment, while others offer limited exceptions for minors to receive specific forms of care.

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