Navigating a Troubling Relationship: Seeking Guidance and Support


In a Reddit post from the r/relationships subreddit, a user opens up about a relationship that has been causing them distress for the past seven months. The original poster (OP), a 25-year-old male, expresses concerns about his partner’s behavior and seeks advice on how to handle the challenges they are facing.

Background Information

Providing context, the OP shares that they have been dating for seven months and describes their partner as lively, fun-loving, and someone they feel a deep connection with. However, there have been unsettling incidents that have left the OP feeling uncertain about the future of their relationship.

Lack of Communication

A major concern for the OP is their partner’s lack of communication. They explain that their partner frequently goes on unexplained “mini-disappearances,” ignoring messages and calls for extended periods. This behavior leaves the OP worried and unsure about the level of commitment in their relationship. It raises questions about the underlying issues causing this behavior.

Mixed Signals

The OP also struggles with their partner’s mixed signals. At times, their partner displays affection and genuine interest in the relationship, but then abruptly withdraws or becomes distant without any apparent reason. The OP feels frustrated and seeks advice on how to interpret this behavior and whether it signifies disinterest or something else entirely.

Unresolved Past Troubles

The OP discloses that their partner has a history of substance abuse, which amplifies their concerns. Their partner has mentioned relapses in the past, adding to the OP’s worries about the future of their relationship. They wonder if their partner’s past struggles are influencing their present behavior.

Seeking Advice

Turning to the Reddit community, the OP asks for guidance. They question whether they should address their concerns directly with their partner or if it might be better to walk away from the relationship altogether. The OP acknowledges their emotional investment but prioritizes the importance of a healthy and stable partnership.

Supportive Community Response

In response, fellow Redditors provide insights and share their own experiences. Many suggest open communication as a crucial step, advising the OP to calmly approach their partner and express their concerns without confrontation. Others suggest seeking couples therapy or professional help to navigate the challenges together.


While the Reddit post does not offer a definitive solution to the OP’s relationship issues, it underscores the significance of effective communication, understanding, and seeking professional assistance when necessary. Relationships often encounter obstacles, and seeking advice from a supportive community can be a valuable resource in finding potential solutions or guiding individuals towards making choices that prioritize their well-being.

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