Navigating a Troubling Relationship: A Reddit User Opens Up About Dating a Functional Alcoholic

On the popular subreddit r/relationships, an anonymous user recently turned to the Reddit community seeking advice about their troubling relationship with a functional alcoholic. The individual shared their concerns about their partner’s excessive drinking habits and the impact it was having on their relationship, hoping for guidance and support from fellow Redditors.

In their post, the user revealed that they have been dating their partner for more than a year and have noticed a recurrent pattern of problematic drinking behavior. Although their partner seems to function normally in daily life, the amount of alcohol consumed raises doubts about the future of their relationship.

Descriptive Account of the Alcoholic Behavior:
The user provided a vivid description of their partner’s excessive drinking, emphasizing their constant need to have a drink in hand, even during mundane activities like grocery shopping or going for a walk. They also shared that their significant other frequently experiences blackout episodes, often waking up with no recollection of the previous night’s events.

Impact on the Relationship:
The emotional toll on the poster becomes evident as they recount instances of being the sole caretaker responsible for ensuring their partner’s safety. They express frustration and helplessness in these situations, including having to bring their partner home after they passed out in public places.

Seeking Help and Advice:
Recognizing the severity of the situation, the user expresses concern for their partner’s well-being and admits their own inability to influence their behavior. Desperate for answers and support, the Reddit community becomes their source of guidance in navigating this challenging relationship.

Responses from the Reddit Community:
The post quickly gains attention, as Redditors respond with empathy, personal experiences, and helpful advice. Many stress the importance of prioritizing personal safety and well-being, suggesting that the poster consider ending the relationship if their partner refuses to seek help for their addiction.

Recommendations and Resources:
In the thread, some users encourage the poster to encourage their partner to seek professional help or attend support group meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Others suggest that the poster seek therapy or counseling themselves to better understand codependency and establish healthier boundaries.

This distressing story shared on Reddit sheds light on the complex dynamics often present in relationships involving functional alcoholics. While Reddit advice cannot replace professional intervention, the supportive community can provide comfort and a starting point for individuals seeking guidance during difficult times. It is crucial for those facing similar situations to prioritize their well-being, while also urging their partners to address their alcohol addiction through appropriate channels.

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