Natalie Portman’s Wedding Ring Absence Raises Questions on 11th Anniversary

Natalie Portman, the co-founder of Angel City FC, attended the Angel City Equity Summit in Sydney recently. However, what caught people’s attention was the absence of her 4-carat wedding ring. This sparked speculation about the status of her marriage with Benjamin Millepied.

Amidst rumors of cheating allegations involving Millepied, French magazine Voici had previously published photos of him with another woman, further fueling the speculations about their relationship. Despite this, sources close to the couple claim that they are making efforts to reconcile and work through their issues. Millepied is reportedly seeking forgiveness while Portman remains focused on protecting their children.

Natalie Portman has been seen attending public events without her husband, and her emotional state has led to concerns about the impact of the situation on their relationship.

Their love story began during the filming of “Black Swan,” where Millepied choreographed the ballet scenes. They got married in 2012 and have been raising a family together ever since.

As fans and the public continue to speculate on the future of their marriage, many hope for a resolution that brings happiness and stability to their family.

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