Nancy Pelosi Praises Trump Indictments as Impeccable Works of Justice

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has expressed her admiration for the federal indictments filed against former President Donald Trump, describing them as masterpieces of justice. In an interview with New York Magazine, Pelosi praised the intricate and beautiful nature of the indictments, stating that they stand a better chance of leading to a conviction than anything she could have devised herself.

Reflecting on the significance of the January 6 committee, which she established after the Senate Republicans thwarted the creation of a bipartisan commission similar to the one formed after 9/11, Pelosi emphasized its role in paving the way for Trump’s indictment. She firmly believes that Trump committed a crime on January 6.

Although the first federal indictment against Trump, which relates to his handling of classified documents, had little connection to the committee’s work, the second indictment by Special Counsel Jack Smith seems to owe its existence, at least partially, to the committee’s efforts.

Pelosi stressed that the committee’s narrative played a crucial part in capturing the Department of Justice’s attention and shaping the subsequent indictment. Despite initial hesitation from the DOJ to investigate Trump’s actions, the narrative presented in the indictment closely mirrored the one outlined in the committee’s report released in the previous Congress.

Pelosi highlighted her strategic approach to forming the committee, aiming to construct a comprehensive narrative. The members she appointed understood that their involvement would contribute to creating a cohesive story that the public could comprehend.

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