Mike Pence Plans to Ward Off Flies at GOP Debate After Memorable Incident

Former Vice President, Mike Pence, is taking a playful approach to the upcoming Republican presidential primary debate by teasing that he will come equipped with a fly swatter. This comes after a memorable moment during the 2020 campaign when a fly landed on Pence’s head during a debate with Kamala Harris. Pence made the announcement during an interview at the Iowa State Fair, stating that he plans to be prepared for any winged intruders during the debate on August 23 in Milwaukee. Reflecting on the previous incident, Pence mentioned the plexiglass barrier that was in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but failed to deter the fly. Despite the attention the fly received, Pence remained unaware of its presence until his children informed him after the debate. He took the incident in good humor and is ready to move on. Pence also revealed that he intends to sign the Republican National Committee’s pledge and hopes that former President Donald Trump will participate in the debate as well. With his lighthearted approach, Pence adds a humorous touch to the upcoming political event.

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