Mexico: Protesters crash truck through National Palace’s door

A group of protesters in Mexico City have driven a pickup truck through a door to the country’s presidential palace.

They were met by police officers, who used tear gas on the protesters.

The group were protesting the 2014 mass disappearance a group of 43 Mexican students. A commission set up to investigate the case later described it as “a crime of the state”.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was inside the building at the time, giving a daily press conference.

He said “the door will be fixed and there will be no problem”, adding that the protesters will meet with members of his government.

In 2014, 43 students were travelling back from Iguala to Ayotzinapa after attending a protest against what they saw as discriminatory hiring practices for teachers. They were confronted by municipal police, who opened fire on the buses they were travelling in.

The officers maintain they did so because the buses had been hijacked, while the surviving students say the drivers had agreed to give them a lift.

Three students were killed, two of them shot dead, while the body of the third was found mutilated the next morning near the scene of the shooting.

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