Mayor of NYC Suggests Involvement of Non-locals in Riot During Kai Cenat’s PlayStation Giveaway

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has expressed the possibility that “outside agitators” played a role in the recent riot that took place in Union Square, Manhattan during a PlayStation giveaway organized by popular Twitch influencer Kai Cenat. Mayor Adams pointed out that Cenat had a substantial following, including individuals from outside the city who participated in the event.

The riot, which involved thousands of young people, led to disruptive behavior such as vandalizing vehicles, throwing bottles, and chanting anti-NYPD slogans. During a press conference, Mayor Adams also highlighted the harmful influence of social media on young minds and urged parents not to allow their children to solely shape their values and beliefs through social media and external influences.

As a result of the rapidly escalating situation fueled by social media, the NYPD arrested a total of 65 individuals, including 30 juveniles. Mayor Adams praised the police for their disciplined response, which prevented any loss of life or significant property damage.

Following the aftermath of the incident, Twitch influencer Kai Cenat is facing various charges, including inciting a riot and unlawful assembly. Authorities are currently investigating the extent to which outside influencers contributed to the unrest.

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