Man’s Body Found in Illinois Lake; Authorities Conducting Death Investigation

Authorities in Illinois are currently investigating the discovery of a 51-year-old man’s body in Lake Arlington, located in Arlington Heights. The victim has been identified as Albert Vorobiev by the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office.

The investigation began after staff members from the Arlington Heights Park District discovered personal belongings near the sailboat launch at Lake Arlington and contacted 911. Upon arrival at the scene, police officers found the owner’s vehicle in the parking lot and learned that the victim had been reported missing to the Wheeling Police.

To conduct a thorough search of the area, a large team consisting of fire officers, divers, and paramedics was mobilized. Both Arlington Heights and Wheeling police used drones to search the water, shoreline, and surrounding wooded areas, while ground officers performed a grid search.

Utilizing sonar technology from a fire boat and assistance from scuba divers, an anomaly was detected approximately 30 feet offshore from where the personal belongings had been found. Further investigation by the divers led to the recovery of the body from the water. Paramedics on-site confirmed that resuscitation was not possible.

The investigation is still ongoing as officials work to determine the circumstances surrounding the man’s death.

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