Louisiana Family Uses TikTok to Educate Others on the Dangers of Drunken Driving After Tragic Loss A devastating car accident on December 17, 2020, left a Louisiana family of nine with an unimaginable loss. The collision, caused by a drunk driver travelling on the wrong side of the highway, resulted in the deaths of three siblings – Lindy Simmons (20), Christopher Simmons (17), and Kamryn Simmons (15) – as well as the driver, John “Chris” Lundy. Determined to keep their siblings’ memories alive and raise awareness about the deadly consequences of impaired driving, the Simmons family has turned to social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Through the sharing of their siblings’ stories and a multitude of pictures and videos, they aim to spread awareness and prevent other families from experiencing similar tragedies nationwide. Louisiana Family Honors Lost Siblings by Sharing their Story on TikTok and Instagram, Urging Responsible Choices to Prevent Drunk Driving Accidents A tragic car crash caused by a drunk driver’s reckless actions shattered the lives of a Louisiana family, leaving them with the devastating loss of three of their children. In an effort to cope with their grief and shed light on the life-altering consequences of impaired driving, the family of nine has taken to TikTok and Instagram. Through heartfelt posts and powerful testimonials, they hope to raise awareness and inspire others to make responsible choices when it comes to drinking and driving. By leveraging the power of social media, their campaign seeks to prevent future tragedies while honoring the memories of Lindy, Christopher, and Kamryn Simmons.

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