Left-Wing Hackers Target City of Fort Worth in Response to Child Gender Surgery Restrictions

A recent cyberattack on the City of Fort Worth, Texas, has been attributed to an organization called SiegedSec, a leftist group known for targeting pro-life states. The attack was a direct response to the state’s strict laws regarding gender-affirming care for children, with the hackers aiming to address concerns about the potential harm caused by transgender procedures on minors.

Data Breach Highlights Concerns Surrounding Child Transing Restrictions

On June 23, a cyberattack compromised the computer systems of the City of Fort Worth, Texas. The attack was a result of opposition to the state’s laws that restrict child sex-change practices. Although the stolen data was not considered sensitive, the breach of security was a cause for concern.

Leftist Hacker Group Claims Responsibility for Fort Worth Cyberattack

SiegedSec, a group known for targeting pro-life state governments, has taken credit for the cyberattack on Fort Worth. The group’s previous attacks on pro-life entities have involved accessing sensitive data from state government servers. With their recent attack on Fort Worth, SiegedSec aimed to draw attention to Texas’ banning of gender-affirming care, demonstrating their commitment to their political agenda.

Cyberattack Aims to Embarrass City and Make a Political Statement

According to Kevin Gunn, the city’s chief technology officer, the hackers’ objectives were to embarrass the city and make a political statement. By compromising the internal information system, the hackers sought to create disruption and raise awareness of their cause.

SiegedSec’s Motivations and Actions Revealed

SiegedSec, a self-identified group of “gay furry hackers,” claimed to have easily hijacked the city’s administrator account and released a large amount of data. They justified their actions by stating that Texas, as one of the largest states banning gender-affirming care, became their target. The group’s audacity in their previous attacks and their use of proxies suggest a disregard for potential FBI investigation.

Collaboration with Law Enforcement to Investigate the Incident

The City of Fort Worth is actively working with law enforcement and forensic specialists to investigate the cyberattack. Measures like password resets for all users have been implemented, and a thorough review of the compromised information is underway. So far, there is no evidence to suggest that sensitive information, such as social security or banking details, was accessed or released.

Fort Worth’s Response to the Cyberattack

As Fort Worth takes steps to minimize the impact of the cyberattack, authorities are determined to bring the perpetrators to justice and strengthen cybersecurity measures to prevent future incidents.

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