Kellyanne Conway Points Out Mainstream Media’s Fears of Biden Losing to Trump: A Closer Look at Concerns and Polling

Former senior adviser to President Trump, Kellyanne Conway, recently discussed the mainstream media’s increasing concerns about President Biden potentially losing to Donald Trump in the next election. In her analysis, Conway highlighted cracks in the media’s coverage of Biden, specifically the president’s treatment of reporters and negative attributes that are being noticed. Moreover, Conway suggested that the media’s own polling, which reveals Democrats exploring alternatives to Biden, has led to their hesitation and consideration of other contenders.

Biden’s Treatment of Reporters Raises Concerns: Conway stressed that there is a lack of generosity from the Biden administration and White House towards the mainstream media. She claimed that they aren’t being provided with stories or the truth, pointing out instances where President Biden has been witnessed yelling at members of the media and displaying unprofessional behavior. Conway also pointed to concerns about Biden’s management of the nation’s economy and allegations of covering up for his son and family, which have contributed to a negative portrayal of the president.

Media’s Apprehension Regarding Trump’s Potential Return: Conway highlighted the deep-seated worries within the media about the possibility of Donald Trump becoming president again. She suggested that some media members are hesitant due to previous experiences with Trump and their difficulty in understanding him and his supporters. These concerns about a potential Trump presidency have influenced the media’s coverage and their inclination to consider alternative options.

Assessing Public Opinion on Biden’s Economic Handling: A recent poll conducted by the Associated Press and the National Opinion Research Center unveiled Americans’ skepticism of President Biden’s ability to handle economic issues, with only a 33% approval rating. The poll also indicated low approval ratings for Biden on topics such as guns and immigration. While Biden’s overall approval rating has slightly increased compared to earlier this year, it remains at 40%.

In conclusion, Kellyanne Conway shed light on the mainstream media’s concerns about President Biden potentially losing to Donald Trump in the next election. She highlighted the media’s growing criticisms of Biden and their worries about his treatment of reporters. Furthermore, Conway discussed the media’s caution regarding a Trump presidency, considering their past experiences and difficulties in comprehending Trump and his supporters. Additionally, public opinion polls indicate skepticism about Biden’s handling of economic issues and other crucial topics.

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