Joe Rogan Questions Controversy Surrounding “Barbie” Movie, Sees it as Lighthearted Entertainment

Podcaster Joe Rogan expressed his confusion and amusement regarding the political backlash surrounding the new “Barbie” film. In a conversation with musician Post Malone, Rogan shared his thoughts on the unexpected outrage. He emphasized that the movie is simply a comedy centered around dolls coming to life and couldn’t understand why there was a need for extensive political discourse on the matter. Rogan dismissed claims that the film was anti-male, stating that it actually pokes fun at certain stereotypes.

Rogan found it perplexing that some individuals were offended on behalf of male characters in the film. He stressed the importance of recognizing people as unique individuals instead of making generalizations based on gender. He also pointed out that the dynamics between Barbies and Kens in the movie mirror real-world perceptions about these toys.

Despite the controversy, Rogan suggested that those who are outraged may not be the target audience for the film. He likened the situation to someone attending an AC/DC concert even if they dislike the band’s music. Ultimately, he expressed his surprise at the extent of the outrage surrounding a movie meant to be light-hearted entertainment.

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