Joe Biden’s Letter to Devon Archer Illuminates Strong Connection to Son’s Business Ventures

A letter written by then-Vice President Joe Biden to Devon Archer, a former close friend and business partner of Hunter Biden, provides insight into the close relationship between Biden and his son’s business pursuits. Dated 2011, the letter expresses Biden’s gratitude to Archer for attending an occasion where he hosted Chinese President Hu Jintao. Biden conveys regret for not being able to engage in conversation during the event due to his hosting responsibilities and expresses hope for a future meeting with both Archer and Hunter. The letter concludes with a handwritten addition saying, “Happy you guys are together.”

During a State Department luncheon attended by Archer and Hunter, the latter seized the opportunity to facilitate networking for one of his firm’s clients by arranging an event at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C.

The contents of the letter have sparked discussions about Biden’s knowledge of and involvement in his son’s business ventures. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan points to the letter as significant evidence of Biden’s connections to his son’s activities. Jordan refers to previous evidence, such as WhatsApp messages and statements from former business partner Tony Bobulinski, that suggest Biden’s involvement in these matters, contrary to his own and his aides’ assertions.

Despite consistent claims from Biden and his White House team that he refrained from discussing business matters with his son, contradictory evidence continues to emerge. In June, the House Ways and Means Committee released testimony from IRS whistleblowers alleging political interference in the investigation of Hunter Biden’s financial activities. The whistleblowers revealed that Hunter had invoked his father’s influence during discussions with a Chinese business partner. These revelations challenge the narrative that Joe Biden never engaged in conversations about business deals with his son.

Leaked emails from the Obama era also demonstrated Hunter Biden’s extensive connections to high-level aides within the Biden administration. Additionally, a voicemail from President Biden to Hunter emerged in which the President appeared to discuss his son’s international business dealings.

Eric Schwerin, who frequently visited the Obama White House and Vice President Biden’s residence during the Obama administration, further underscores the complexities of the Bidens’ relationships and their involvement in various social and business settings.

Furthermore, recent confirmations from Archer indicate that Vice President Biden did indeed attend a dinner in 2015 with Hunter’s foreign business associates, despite initial denials from the Biden campaign. The dinner, held at Cafe Milano, involved discussions about the World Food Programme and included attendees such as Vadym Pozharskyi and Karim Massimov.

In conclusion, the revealed correspondence between Joe Biden and Devon Archer provides another piece of the intricate puzzle concerning the Bidens’ relationships and their associations with various business endeavors. The ongoing revelations continue to challenge the narrative that the President had no involvement in his son’s business ventures.

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