Jewel Commends “Sound of Freedom” for Exposing Human Trafficking, Urges Fans to Watch

In a recent video posted on Twitter, singer-songwriter Jewel offered her praise for the film “Sound of Freedom” and encouraged her followers to see it. She commended the movie for shedding light on the disturbing realities of the international human trafficking industry and expressed her disappointment with the media’s attempts to politicize it.

Jewel referred to “Sound of Freedom” as the “little indie movie that could” and expressed her admiration for its success at the box office. She urged her fans to watch the film, emphasizing its inspirational nature and powerful storytelling. Jewel was shocked to learn about the vast number of enslaved children in modern times, surpassing even the trans-Atlantic slave trade era.

Furthermore, Jewel criticized the media for politicizing “Sound of Freedom” and diverting attention from its main focus. She stressed that the film aims to expose the millions of children trapped in slavery and called for unity in protecting vulnerable children, regardless of political differences. Jewel encouraged viewers to look beyond political divides and join forces to combat child exploitation.

“Sound of Freedom” is based on the true story of Tim Ballard, a former U.S. Department of Homeland Security agent portrayed by Jim Caviezel in the film. It follows Ballard’s decision to leave his job and rescue children from an international sex trafficking ring. The movie portrays his relentless efforts to dismantle the criminal network and save young victims from the horrifying world of sex trafficking.

Jewel expressed her sadness over the mainstream media’s reception of “Sound of Freedom” and their attempts to discredit it by associating it with right-wing conspiracy theories. She emphasized the importance of focusing on the issue of child trafficking rather than engaging in divisive political debates.

In conclusion, Jewel’s endorsement of “Sound of Freedom” highlights its crucial role in raising awareness about child sex trafficking. She emphasizes the need for collective action in protecting vulnerable children and stresses the significance of spreading awareness through powerful storytelling.

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