Jennifer Aniston Disables Instagram Comments After Accusing Jamie Foxx of Hate Speech

Actress Jennifer Aniston has chosen to disable comments on her Instagram account following her accusations against Jamie Foxx for a controversial post he made on social media. Foxx’s post, featuring the phrase “They killed this dude called Jesus… what do you think they’ll do to you???!” along with hashtags implying insincere friendships, sparked allegations of antisemitism. Some individuals interpreted the “they” in Foxx’s message as referring to Jews. However, Foxx later clarified that his comments were directed towards a “fake friend” and not aimed at any particular religious group. He also issued apologies to those who may have been offended.

Jennifer Aniston, best known for her role in Friends, was among the first to denounce Foxx’s apparent antisemitism. Taking to her Instagram stories, she expressed her disapproval for the post, emphasizing her non-support of any form of antisemitism and her intolerance towards hate in general.

Aniston’s criticism of Foxx drew backlash from fans who stood in support of Foxx and argued that she unjustly accused him of antisemitism.

Jamie Foxx has recently made a comeback after a prolonged absence from the public eye due to a severe illness. He had been hospitalized in April, and while details about the illness remain undisclosed, reports indicated that it posed a significant threat to his life. In July, Foxx reassured his fans that he was in the process of recovery and credited his belief in a higher power for guiding him through the challenging ordeal.

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