Jason Aldean Stands Strong Against Controversy, Performs “Try That in a Small Town” to the Cheers of Patriots

Aldean’s Stand Against Backlash

Amidst a surge of criticism and attempts at censorship, renowned country music artist Jason Aldean fearlessly took the stage. In a recent concert, he performed his acclaimed song “Try That in a Small Town,” which prompted chants of “USA! USA!” from a crowd filled with patriotic fervor.

Addressing the Controversy at a Cincinnati Concert

During his performance at Cincinnati’s Riverbend Music Center, Aldean directly confronted the backlash surrounding his song. Mainstream media outlets have portrayed the song in a negative light, accusing it of problematic portrayals of the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests and rising urban crime rates.

Sharing his Response, Aldean expressed, “It’s been a challenging week. I’ve faced numerous claims about my beliefs and intentions. However, it’s crucial to remember that everyone is entitled to their perspective, even if it differs from reality.”

Emphasizing his Devotion to His Country, Aldean stated, “I am immensely proud of my roots, and I hold a deep love for our nation. My sincere hope is to witness America thrive and reclaim its former greatness.”

The Singer’s Definitive Answer

When questioned about his decision to perform the controversial song, Aldean provided a straightforward response. He highlighted the overwhelming support he received from his fans, demonstrating their approval and unity with him. Without hesitation, he went on to deliver the much-debated song.

Unyielding Popularity of the Song

Despite facing scrutiny and having its music video removed from CMT due to objections from left-leaning critics, “Try That in a Small Town” continues to triumph. The song recently secured the top spot on iTunes. It is worth noting that CMT, owned by Paramount, had previously shown support for Black Lives Matter activists in 2020.

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