Jamie Foxx Offers Apology for Questionable Social Media Share Amid Antisemitism Accusations

Jamie Foxx Receives Backlash for Cryptic Social Media Post

Actor Jamie Foxx faced criticism from users after sharing a puzzling comment on social media that was deemed by some as antisemitic.

Foxx Removes Post from Social Media and Issues Apology

In response to the public outcry, Foxx promptly deleted the controversial post and released a statement expressing regret. He clarified that his intention was never to be derogatory towards the Jewish community.

Controversial Message Sparks Accusations

The original post contained a vague message alluding to a person named Jesus, leading to assumptions that Foxx’s use of “they” implied a reference to Jewish individuals.

Anger Erupts from Certain Users

Numerous individuals on social media, including advocates and journalists, accused Foxx of perpetuating harmful stereotypes and promoting antisemitic ideas.

Jennifer Aniston’s Response

Actress Jennifer Aniston, who had liked Foxx’s post, later took to Instagram to make it clear that she does not support any form of antisemitism and denounces hate in all its forms.

Apology and Clarification

Foxx issued an apology to the Jewish community and anyone who found his post offensive. He expressed feeling betrayed by a deceitful friend and emphasized that his words were never meant to cause harm.

Mixed Reactions from Other Users

Though some users defended Foxx, there were others who criticized the post and its interpretation, noting that it may have been an ungenerous reading of his intentions.

Foxx’s Support for Diversity of Faiths

The actor stressed his unwavering support for the Jewish community as well as all other religious groups, and vehemently condemned all forms of hatred.

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