Israel-Gaza war: Follow a day in the lives of Gazans as war nears five-month mark

Nagam Atef Mezied, 22 is from Deir el Balah. She is a medical student and volunteer doctor. She shares what his morning has been like with us:

Time is now 9am. This is my breakfast. I usually have breakfast at 6am but now we are trying to delay having breakfast so we don’t need to eat more than one meal per day.

This breakfast is cheese, herbs, pepper and olive oil on bread, we call it “Mankouche”.

This is all I eat until the evening, if we are lucky to have another meal then, otherwise this is all until tomorrow. And we consider ourselves luckier than our brothers and sisters in the north who have no food whatsoever.

On the breakfast table before, we used to have this bread, “Mankoushe” with potatoes, salad, eggs, falafel, beans…but now so many families rely on this bread only to survive.

Prices are so high, even for the basics, and affording a decent meal of meat or chicken became a luxury.

Copyright: BBC/Nagam Atef Mezied

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