Is Pence Loyal or Opportunistic? The Uncertainty Surrounding His Stance on Trump’s Pardon.

Mike Pence, former Vice President and potential presidential candidate in 2024, has sparked speculation regarding his loyalty to Donald Trump. Will Pence pardon Trump if he faces conviction? When asked directly during a radio interview on the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show, Pence avoided giving a clear answer. He referred to his past power to pardon individuals as a governor, but deemed the question premature and hypothetical.

The hosts of the show were not satisfied with Pence’s evasiveness. They accused him of dodging the question and lacking integrity. Pence, however, stood his ground and argued that the situation was still unfolding and Trump deserves to have his defense heard. His stance on the investigation into President Biden or his family was also characterized as premature.

Interestingly, fellow Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has publicly declared his intent to pardon Trump if elected. This raises further questions about where Pence stands and whether he will align with his peers or maintain his cautious approach. Only time will reveal his true intentions.

What do you think about Pence’s behavior? Is he displaying wise leadership or merely playing it safe? Should he commit to pardoning Trump or allow the legal process to run its course? Share your thoughts below and join the discussion.

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