Investor Arrested in Missouri as Part of Child Custody Dispute, Not Human Trafficking Allegations: The Truth behind the ‘Sound of Freedom’ Case

Introduction: Fabian Marta, who invested in the successful film “Sound of Freedom,” was recently arrested in Missouri on charges related to kidnapping. However, it is important to clarify that these charges stem from a child custody dispute involving one of Marta’s tenants, not child trafficking as some media outlets have mistakenly suggested.

Details of the Arrest: Marta, who works as a landlord, had provided housing to a woman who found herself in a custody dispute with her aunt. The woman had allegedly taken her children unlawfully, and Marta is accused of offering them shelter while refusing police entry to his property during their investigation.

Claims of Misrepresentation: Despite Marta’s arrest causing quite a commotion in the media, it is crucial to emphasize that the charges against him are directly related to the custody dispute and not child trafficking, as some outlets have erroneously insinuated. An attorney representing Marta has emphasized that the criminal charges are baseless.

Background on the Film ‘Sound of Freedom’: Marta was one of the investors who contributed to the creation of “Sound of Freedom,” a movie that tells the true story of Tim Ballard, a former Homeland Security agent who dedicated his career to rescuing children from sex trafficking networks. The film was an independent production, financed and distributed outside of mainstream studios, and it captured the attention of audiences, receiving recognition even from former President Donald Trump.

Conclusion: The recent arrest of Fabian Marta, an investor in the film “Sound of Freedom,” has led to some media outlets attempting to tarnish the movie’s reputation by falsely connecting Marta to child trafficking. However, it is important to note that the charges against Marta are directly associated with a child custody dispute, and any suggestions of his involvement in trafficking are inaccurate.

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