Investigation Unveils Widespread Abuse and Sexual Violence Against Ukrainian Prisoners in Kherson Detention Centers

Startling Revelations of Abuse Unearthed in Kherson Detention Centers by War Crime Investigators

A recent report released by Global Rights Compliance’s Mobile Justice Team has shed light on the horrifying mistreatment suffered by Ukrainian prisoners held in Russian detention centers located in Kherson. After analyzing 320 cases from 35 different detention facilities, the report revealed that approximately 43% of the victims were subjected to various forms of torture and sexual violence at the hands of Russian guards.

Both male and female detainees endured unimaginable cruelty, including suffocation, waterboarding, severe beatings, and even rape threats from Russian soldiers and collaborators. However, the most distressing revelation was that at least 36 individuals were either witness to or victims of genital electrocution.

Impact of Crimes on Ukrainian People’s Mental Well-being

The report emphasizes the grave psychological consequences of these horrific crimes, stating that the trauma inflicted on the victims is likely to persist for many years. Anna Mykytenko, senior legal adviser at Global Rights Compliance, underlined the unknown extent of Russia’s war crimes and emphasized the profound impact they have had on the Ukrainian population.

Identifying the Most Vulnerable Groups to Torture

Through the investigation, specific groups were recognized as being particularly susceptible to torture, including military personnel, law enforcement officials, volunteers, activists, community leaders, medical professionals, and educators. According to Wayne Jordash, managing partner of Global Rights Compliance, this report exposes the Kremlin’s clandestine scheme to suppress the Ukrainian identity in occupied territories.

Urgent Need for Accountability

The report significantly underscores the pressing need for justice and accountability for the victims of these abhorrent crimes. The international community condemns these atrocities and demands decisive action to ensure that those responsible are held accountable for their actions.

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