Hunter Biden’s Ex-Business Partner Reveals Biden’s Business Calls with Joe Biden in Closed-Door Interview

Title: Hunter Biden’s Ex-Business Partner Sheds Light on Biden’s Involvement in Business Calls

In a closed-door meeting with the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, Devon Archer, former associate of Hunter Biden, made a surprising revelation. Archer disclosed that during business meetings with partners, Hunter occasionally included his father, Joe Biden, then-Vice President, in the conversations through speakerphone. The purpose behind this was to promote their brand, and these calls even involved discussions with prominent entities in France and China.

The Value of Hunter Biden’s Association with Burisma

Archer also stated that Hunter Biden’s association with the board of Burisma held great value as it was connected to his father, Joe Biden. This connection greatly enhanced the reputation of the company, and Archer further suggested that Burisma may have faced financial difficulties without the Biden name.

Republican vs. Democratic Reactions

Unsurprisingly, the revelation sparked contrasting responses from Republican and Democratic lawmakers. Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia saw Archer’s admission as evidence of President Biden’s alleged involvement in his son’s foreign dealings and called for an impeachment inquiry. However, Democrat Representative Dan Goldman from New York characterized the phone calls between Joe and Hunter Biden as casual and unrelated to business matters.

Implications for President Biden

Republican Representative Andy Biggs from Arizona believed that Archer’s testimony had implications for President Biden, although he clarified that the substance of the conversations with business associates appeared to be mere pleasantries rather than business discussions.

New Insights and Varied Interpretations

The closed-door interview provided new insights into the relationship between Hunter and Joe Biden during their business dealings. These revelations have led to varying interpretations and have further intensified the ongoing debate surrounding the Biden family’s business activities.

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