Hunter Biden’s Defense of the Biden Legacy: Navigating Power and Scrutiny

In a series of text exchanges in 2019, Hunter Biden found himself defending his family’s reputation when confronted by former friend and business partner, Devon Archer. Archer questioned Hunter about his arrest and the lack of support from the Biden family.

Hunter Biden, in response, explained that his father’s administration had no involvement in Archer’s arrest. He further emphasized that every president’s family faces increased scrutiny and higher expectations as a result of the “price of power.”

Archer expressed his concerns and feelings of depression, wondering why their Chinese business partners were also raising questions. Hunter reassured him, acknowledging the unique challenges faced by the Biden family and their resilience in the face of persecution.

Hunter Biden also shed light on the burdens that come with wielding power in the United States. He highlighted how individuals in positions of influence become targets and face growing scrutiny. However, he remained optimistic that truth eventually prevails when one possesses the strength, courage, and love to endure challenges.

Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s former business partner, resigned from a Beijing-backed private equity firm after being investigated for defrauding a Native American tribe. During a closed-door interview with the House Oversight Committee, Archer allegedly confirmed President Biden’s awareness of his son’s business dealings and his involvement in selling the Biden “brand” to potential partners.

The exchanges between Hunter Biden and Devon Archer illustrate the Bidens’ commitment to defending their family name and the difficulties that come with wielding power. It also highlights the intense scrutiny faced by influential families, emphasizing the need to withstand criticism and exhibit resilience.

These text messages provide insight into the sacrifices and challenges that accompany positions of power. Hunter Biden’s interactions with Archer and their involvement in business dealings demonstrate the importance of endurance and overcoming hardships.

Despite the obstacles they face, the Bidens remain resilient and dedicated to persevering, showcasing their capacity to withstand adversity. The conversations between Hunter Biden and Devon Archer offer a glimpse into the dynamics of power and the responsibilities that come with it, encapsulating the challenges and obligations faced by influential families.

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