Hunter Biden’s Attorney Describes Conversations with President Joe Biden as Casual Chitchat

During an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell, addressed concerns regarding Hunter’s business dealings and his relationship with his father, President Joe Biden. Lowell emphasized that the conversations between the two were primarily informal and friendly, often centering around mundane topics like the weather. He argued that it was common for the president to engage in casual conversations with his children and grandchildren, making these exchanges unremarkable.

When questioned about the financial aspects of Hunter Biden’s business ventures, Lowell focused on Hunter’s education, experience, and abilities. He stressed that Hunter earned his payments through legitimate means and was actively involved in various ventures, including serving on the boards of institutions such as a bank and Amtrak.

Lowell also tackled the issue of individuals using their connections and family names for personal gain, pointing out that this practice has existed for a long time. He cited other instances of politicians and their family members benefiting from their associations. While acknowledging that this may be unfair to those without prominent names, Lowell clarified that it is a widespread occurrence and not illegal.

Furthermore, Lowell underscored the distinction between Hunter Biden’s situation and that of the Trump family. He emphasized that Hunter never operated within a family business or served as a presidential adviser while conducting his own business activities. Lowell’s main argument was that Hunter’s actions were neither improper nor illegal and aimed to differentiate them from potential conflicts of interest.

In this interview, Hunter Biden’s attorney sought to provide a context for the conversations between Hunter and President Biden, while also defending Hunter’s qualifications and asserting that his actions remained within legal boundaries.

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