Hunter Biden’s Alleged Use of Father’s Influence in Chinese Business Deal Exposed

A revelation has emerged regarding an incident involving Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, who allegedly used his father’s influence to pressure a Chinese businessman during a deal. In a WhatsApp message from July 2017, Hunter claimed to be with his father and expressed their concern over an agreement that was not being honored. This disclosure was made by IRS whistleblowers who were investigating Hunter’s financial activities.

The message sent by Hunter to Harvest Fund Management chairman Henry Zhao warned him to resolve the issue promptly, with the implication that not following his instructions would lead to regrettable consequences. Previous reports have highlighted Hunter’s various overseas business ventures, including those in Russia, China, Romania, and Ukraine. According to IRS whistleblowers testifying to the House Ways and Means Committee, Hunter and his associates received a total of $17.3 million between 2014 and 2019 from entities in Ukraine, Romania, and China, with $8.3 million going directly to Hunter.

The Role of Zhao in Hunter’s Ventures

Zhao, who is a Communist Party official, has been chairman of Harvest Fund Management since 2017 and chairman of Harvest Global Investments Ltd. since 2000. He played a crucial role in the establishment of Hunter’s investment firm Bohai Harvest RST, also known as BHR Partners, in 2013, which coincided with Hunter accompanying then-Vice President Biden on a state visit to Beijing. Furthermore, Zhao was an executive with CEFC China Energy at the time and assisted Hunter and his associates in expanding their business with the Chinese energy conglomerate. It is suggested that Hunter’s concern over the Chinese deal was related to the potential loss of a lucrative opportunity with CEFC chairman Ye Jianming, involving millions of dollars.

A Closer Look at the Chinese Deal

Separate from his partnership with Zhao, Hunter pursued additional funds through a deal with CEFC. An email found on Hunter’s laptop from May 2017 mentioned a stake of “10 held by H for the big guy,” which was identified by Hunter’s associates as Joe Biden. Following Hunter’s threatening messages to Zhao in July, the deal was finalized, and payments were made to Hunter’s law firm. These transactions were flagged as potentially criminal financial activities. According to reports from the Senate and the Washington Post, $4.8 million from the deal was eventually transferred to Hunter’s Owasco account.

Hunter’s Connection with Ye Jianming

Hunter’s messages to Zhao indicate his involvement with Ye Jianming from CEFC, whom Zhao claimed was willing to cooperate with the Biden family. Hunter first met Jianming and CEFC Executive Director Jianjun Zang in December 2015. In February 2017, Jianming promised Hunter $10 million annually for three years in exchange for introductions. As a gesture of goodwill, Jianming later gifted Hunter an $80,000 diamond.

Hunter’s attorney, Christopher Clark, has dismissed the allegations made by the IRS whistleblower, stating that they are biased and politically motivated. He emphasized that any actions taken by Hunter during a period of personal struggle and addiction were his own and unrelated to his family. Clark highlighted that a five-year DOJ investigation had recently concluded, resulting in Hunter accepting responsibility for misdemeanors related to tax payments and a firearm charge. These charges will be subject to a pretrial diversion agreement. Clark concluded by condemning the biased and illegal leaks related to the investigation and warned against drawing conclusions based solely on this document.

New Title: Hunter Biden’s Alleged Use of Father’s Influence in Chinese Business Deal Revealed

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