Hunter Biden’s Alleged Tax Evasion Strategy Revealed

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, has recently pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts related to late tax payments. However, a second whistleblower has come forward with new information, suggesting a complex tax evasion scheme orchestrated by Hunter Biden. This scheme allegedly involved a Ukrainian gas company and a Chinese business associate.

The second whistleblower states that Hunter Biden already had significant tax debts prior to his father becoming vice president. In 2014, when Joe Biden was overseeing Ukraine policy, Hunter joined the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company. It is claimed that Burisma paid Hunter $666,667 for what seemed like minimal work. Instead of disclosing this income and fulfilling his tax obligations, Hunter supposedly transferred the money to a Chinese firm through an associate, disguising it as a loan and evading taxation.

The whistleblower’s testimony provides detailed insight into how Hunter Biden executed this tax evasion scheme. The money received from Burisma was funneled through a friend’s corporation, with Hunter treating it as a loan. By labeling the funds as loans, Hunter managed to avoid reporting the income and evading taxes. The whistleblower alleges that none of the money earned from Burisma was subjected to taxation. Unfortunately, the statute of limitations for the 2014 tax year has expired, limiting any further legal action.

The validity of Hunter Biden’s defense, that the funds were loans, is called into question by the whistleblower. It is argued that one cannot loan themselves their own money, raising suspicions of a potential scheme to deceive tax authorities.

The resolution of the case with misdemeanor charges has left IRS agents frustrated. They believe that Hunter Biden’s failure to file returns, pay taxes, and falsely claim deductions constituted repeated violations of tax laws throughout the 2010s. Despite the intervention of his Hollywood lawyer friend, Kevin Morris, who paid off the $2.2 million in tax liabilities, the agents argue that Hunter Biden’s actions still violate tax laws.

The revelations surrounding Hunter Biden’s alleged tax evasion scheme raise numerous concerns. It is worth noting that the misdemeanor charges did not cover his income from Burisma in 2014, and the statute of limitations prevents further legal action. The whistleblower contends that willfully evading taxes and only paying off the liability after being caught still qualifies as a crime. This case highlights the importance of tax compliance and the need for fair and consistent enforcement.

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