Hunter Biden Ordered to Appear in Court, Faces Contempt Proceedings and Jail Time in Arkansas Child Support Battle

An Arkansas judge has taken action against Hunter Biden in his ongoing child support case. Judge Holly Lodge Meyer has demanded that Hunter Biden appear in court in July to potentially face contempt proceedings, which could result in jail time. The order came after lawyers representing Lunden Alexis Roberts, the mother of Hunter Biden’s child, argued that he failed to comply with a previous court order to disclose his financial information.

Judge Meyer made it clear that punishment, such as incarceration, is on the table for Hunter Biden. She mentioned the possibility of civil contempt and criminal contempt, which could lead to a maximum of six months in jail for each. The judge emphasized that Hunter Biden’s ability to pay would be a crucial factor in the contempt proceedings. During the hearing, he will have the opportunity to provide answers about his financial status.

The child at the center of the case, Navy Joan Roberts, was born in Arkansas in August 2018. Initially, Hunter Biden denied paternity and claimed not to remember meeting the mother. However, DNA test results in January 2020 confirmed his biological connection to the child. Hunter Biden reached a settlement of $2.5 million with Roberts, but the case was reopened, leading to the ongoing battle in Arkansas to lower his child support payments.

Roberts’s lawyer filed a motion for sanctions and contempt in May, accusing Hunter Biden of noncompliance with court orders. The lawyer claimed that he failed to disclose his income and assets and was evasive during the discovery process.

The judge is also considering whether to strike Hunter Biden’s legal filings opposing the name change of Roberts’s daughter to “Biden.” In May, the judge ruled that both Roberts and Hunter Biden must participate in depositions in June, during which Hunter Biden will be questioned extensively about his finances.

This case sheds light on Hunter Biden’s financial situation, including his involvement with a Chinese government-linked investment firm, his art sales, and other relevant transactions. Hunter Biden previously confirmed that he is under federal investigation for tax-related issues, and there have been accusations of mishandling and politicization by IRS whistleblowers.

The trial to determine potential adjustments to Hunter Biden’s child support obligations is scheduled for July. In the meantime, he claims to be currently paying $20,000 per month in child support and has already paid a total of $750,000.

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