House Oversight Committee Presents Comprehensive Timeline of Biden Family’s Business Ventures

The House Oversight Committee has recently released an official timeline that offers a detailed overview of its investigation into the business activities of the Biden family and the significant financial gains they acquired. This timeline, spanning 14 years, concentrates on crucial moments concerning their business ventures in Romania, China, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. Starting from 2009, when Joe Biden assumed the role of Vice President, the timeline uncovers the establishment of different entities, financial transactions, and meetings involving the Biden family. Let’s delve into the specifics of this timeline and the noteworthy events it encompasses.

BHR Partnership forms Ties with Chinese Investors:

In 2013, following Joe Biden’s four-year tenure as Vice President, the timeline highlights the formation of Bohai Harvest RST Equity Investment Fund Management Co. (BHR) by the Biden family and their affiliates in conjunction with Chinese investors. BHR, which is backed by the Bank of China, possesses a substantial portfolio with investments amounting to over two billion USD. Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, held a ten percent stake in BHR through his company, Skaneateles, LLC, which was under his control according to Chinese public records.

Exploring Involvement with Burisma Holdings in Ukraine:

The timeline also covers the Biden family’s engagement with Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company, beginning in April 2014. It documents payments and meetings involving the Bidens in connection to Burisma. Notably, Joe Biden’s official visit to Ukraine in 2015 coincided with his efforts to combat corruption within the country. Shortly after this visit, Hunter Biden began receiving monthly payments of $83,000 from Burisma for his position on its board. Joe Biden openly acknowledged that he played a role in the dismissal of a prosecutor who had been investigating Burisma.

Engagement with Kazakhstani and Chinese Entities:

The timeline highlights the Biden family’s business activities in Kazakhstan, featuring a meeting between Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Kenes Rakishev, a Kazakhstani businessman, in February 2014. Subsequently, funds were transferred from Rakishev’s Singaporean company to a shell company linked to Hunter Biden, which then facilitated the purchase of a new sports car. Furthermore, the timeline notes a financial arrangement between Rakishev’s Kazakhstani oil company, Burisma, and a company associated with the Chinese Communist Party.

Exploring Involvement with Romanian Entities:

The timeline includes the Biden family’s dealings with Romanian entities, commencing in April 2014 with Joe Biden’s visit to Romania and subsequent interactions with prominent figures. Reportedly, shell companies connected to the Biden business received millions from Romanian entities. Notably, Gabriel Popoviciu, who collaborated with CEFC, made substantial deposits into an associate of Biden’s bank account, and payments were subsequently transferred to various Biden family accounts.

Involvement with CEFC China Energy Co. Unveiled:

The timeline introduces CEFC China Energy Co., which emerged in December 2015. CEFC’s association with the Biden family involved a $1 million retainer fee paid to Hunter Biden for legal services, as well as the gifting of a valuable diamond. Concerns have been raised regarding CEFC’s connections to Chinese intelligence agencies during its dealings with the Bidens.

In conclusion, the official timeline released by the House Oversight Committee provides significant insights into the major events and financial transactions concerning the Biden family’s business ventures. It covers their involvement with entities in Romania, China, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, spanning over a decade. The timeline unveils various financial arrangements, meetings, and payments made to members of the Biden family. As investigations continue, these revelations raise important questions regarding potential conflicts of interest and the transparency of the Biden family’s business dealings.

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