House GOP Set to Subpoena President Biden and Son Over Business Probe

The House Oversight Committee, led by Republican Representative James Comer of Kentucky, is preparing to issue subpoenas to President Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, as part of an ongoing investigation into their family’s business dealings. In a recent interview, Comer disclosed the committee’s intentions, asserting that they have gathered convincing evidence.

The committee has recently made public new bank records related to the Biden family, revealing that they received approximately $20 million from several countries, including Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. Comer stressed that the evidence is undeniable, stating, “Bank records always tell the truth.”

Comer pointed out the contradiction between the evidence and President Biden’s persistent denials, highlighting that the president refuses to acknowledge the allegations. The representative expressed his confidence that the investigation will ultimately lead to the Bidens testifying in front of the committee.

Despite facing challenges from various government agencies and legal representatives, Comer assured that the committee remains unwavering in its investigation, consistently presenting evidence every two weeks. He acknowledged the complexity of the case but remains resolute in uncovering the truth about the Biden family’s business dealings.

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