Grassley Accuses Burisma Executive of Holding Incriminating Audio Recordings: A Call for Transparency

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa presented new information on Monday regarding alleged payments made by a Burisma executive to President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. Grassley claims that this executive possesses 17 audio recordings of his interactions with the Bidens, referring to them as an “insurance policy.”

According to Grassley, an FBI document labeled FD-1023 was shared with the House Oversight Committee last week. Grassley himself claims to have seen the document, and he states that it contains a redacted mention of the executive owning 15 audio recordings of phone conversations with Hunter Biden and two audio recordings of discussions with then-Vice President Joe Biden.

“The 1023 produced to the House Committees redacted [a] reference that [said] the foreign national who allegedly bribed Joe and Hunter Biden allegedly has audio recordings of his conversation, with 17 such recordings. According to the 1023, the foreign national possesses 15 audio recordings of phone calls between him and Hunter Biden. According to the 1023, The foreign national possesses two audio recordings of phone calls between him and then Vice President Joe Biden. These recordings were allegedly kept as a sort of insurance policy for the foreign national in case he got into a tight spot,” said Grassley.

Grassley also suggested that the FD-1023 document hints at potential involvement of then Vice President Joe Biden in Hunter Biden’s employment at Burisma, expressing his concern that the Justice Department and the FBI have not thoroughly investigated the Biden family. Addressing U.S. Attorney Weiss, Grassley voiced his questions on the actions taken regarding these alleged audio recordings, which he claims are significant to a potential bribery scheme.

The senator emphasized the importance of obtaining the “full and complete” FD-1023 for the American public to understand the document’s true nature and to hold the Justice Department and the FBI accountable. Grassley believes that the disclosure is crucial in upholding the constitutional power of congressional oversight against what he sees as an executive branch that is both out of control and politically compromised.

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