GOP Alleges Corruption in Hunter Biden’s Business Dealings with No Concrete Evidence of Payments to Joe Biden

In a new tactic, House Oversight Republicans are accusing President Joe Biden of corruption in connection to Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals, even though there is no direct evidence showing that Joe Biden personally profited from those deals. The committee has released a memorandum outlining their strategy, asserting that there is no need to demonstrate direct payments to the President in order to establish corruption.

The memorandum highlights that according to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, payments made to family members with the intention of corruptly influencing others can be considered potential bribery under the law. The committee argues that even though there are no direct financial transactions involving the President himself, these indirect payments and corrupt actions can still be deemed as corruption.

This shift in focus signifies a move away from attempting to prove that President Biden financially benefited from Hunter Biden’s dealings, to instead emphasizing the potential corrupt influence and actions involved in those dealings.

The memorandum reflects increasing calls from some House Republicans, including former President Donald Trump, to pursue President Biden’s impeachment, despite the lack of solid evidence regarding direct financial benefits. The committee’s current approach allows them to highlight potential influence and corrupt actions, rather than solely relying on the direct financial aspect.

The White House has consistently denied any direct involvement of President Biden in his son’s business deals and has labeled these investigations as politically motivated. The committee’s memorandum seeks to present an alternative argument that focuses on the potential corrupt intent and actions associated with the business dealings, without requiring proof of direct payments to the President.

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