Gingrich Urges Strong Response Against Radical Activists: Protecting the Foundation of Society

Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, has recently expressed his strong opposition to activists that he believes are attempting to undermine and dismantle American society. These remarks came in light of reports of a group making threatening chants at New York City’s drag queen parade.

Gingrich emphasizes the need for a clear and unwavering condemnation of groups that seek to undermine core American values, particularly those that pose a risk to the wellbeing of children. He believes that society must stay resilient and firm against what he perceives as attempts to destabilize our civilization.

Taking issue with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group recently honored by the Los Angeles Dodgers, Gingrich criticizes the organization as a hate group that shows contempt for religious women worldwide and disrespects the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Gingrich advocates for a confrontational and straightforward approach when dealing with what he calls “haters and destroyers.” He encourages individuals to boldly confront what he views as evil, arguing that those seeking to dismantle our society have held a rhetorical advantage for far too long.

Furthermore, Gingrich argues in favor of safeguarding parental rights, suggesting that parents should have the knowledge of what their children are being taught in schools and be able to intervene if they perceive any form of manipulation. He asserts that sexual solicitation and brainwashing of children should be considered acts of child abuse, drawing comparisons to pedophilia.

Quoting former President Donald Trump, Gingrich echoes sentiments of America being on the brink of tyranny. Trump spoke about these concerns during a speech to the Faith and Freedom Coalition on June 24, highlighting the nation’s battle against enemies of faith, freedom, science, religion, history, tradition, law, democracy, and God himself.

In essence, Gingrich’s remarks serve as a call to action for those who share his love for America. He urges individuals to stand up against forces that aim to undermine societal norms and values, stressing the importance of confronting what he perceives as evil.

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