From Soccer Mom to County Jail: The Redemption of Lara Love Hardin

A Hidden Life of Deception

Lara Love Hardin, an ordinary suburban mother of four, seemed to have it all together. Balancing her responsibilities as a mother, active PTA member, and involvement in her children’s private school, she appeared to be living the perfect life. However, behind this seemingly idyllic façade, she harbored a secret addiction to heroin that would eventually lead her down a dark path.

Rock Bottom and a Chance for Redemption

Hardin’s life took a dramatic turn when she was caught stealing credit cards from unsuspecting mothers in her community. Her story reached its lowest point when she and her husband embarked on a heroin binge in a hotel room, funded by one of the stolen cards. Their reckless behavior came to an abrupt end when the police burst in. Facing 32 felony charges, she was confronted with the possibility of spending 27 years behind bars, her life in ruins.

An Unexpected Turn in County Jail

Surprisingly, it was within the confinement of county jail that Hardin’s story began to change. Utilizing her skills as a soccer mom and PTA member, she earned respect and even became a leader within the inmate community. Embracing her innate motherly instincts, she began to inspire compassion and empathy among her fellow inmates, embarking on a journey of self-discovery and redemption.

Writing as a Path to Redemption

During her time in jail, writing became Hardin’s solace. It allowed her to express herself and find healing in the midst of adversity. She eventually established a co-parenting relationship with her ex-husband and secured a job at a literary agency. Her undeniable talent and unwavering determination caught the attention of renowned author and agent, Doug Abrams, opening doors for her as a ghostwriter for influential individuals.

Breaking the Silence and Sharing Her Truth

Hardin’s path to redemption extended beyond the confines of jail and her career. With courage and vulnerability, she began to share her dark past with others, bravely breaking the silence that surrounded her struggles. This led her to write her memoir, “The Many Lives of Mama Love,” a powerful story of hope and redemption that aims to challenge society’s perceptions of incarcerated individuals.

Reconciliation and Healing

Hardin’s journey also included a profound transformation in her personal life. By reconnecting with her family and children, she began to rebuild the broken bonds of her past, finding reconciliation and healing along the way.

Empowering Others and Giving Back

Inspired by her own transformative journey, Hardin founded The Gemma Project, a nonprofit organization aimed at providing programs and services for women in need. Through her memoir and her nonprofit work, she hopes to break down biases and judgments surrounding incarceration, fostering understanding and empathy for those facing similar struggles.

The Power of the Written Word

Today, Hardin runs her own literary agency, True Literary, where she harnesses the power of storytelling to share tales of resilience and hope. Writing became the medium through which she saved her life and reunited with her family, guiding her on a path of redemption that transcends the limitations of her past.

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