Freeing the Military: Eric Schmitt Takes a Stand Against Wokeness in the DOD!

Reviving the Military: Schmitt’s Goal for a DEI-Free Armed Forces!

Missouri Senator Eric Schmitt (R-MO) is stepping up to challenge the surge of “wokeness” in the military. In an exclusive report from Breitbart News, we uncover Schmitt’s successful efforts to rein in the Department of Defense’s (DOD) obsession with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

The Importance of the NDAA!

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) carries significant weight. It sets the course for military funding and authorities, as well as other crucial defense priorities. The 2024 NDAA aims to prioritize national security, technological advancement, and countering threats like China.

However, President Biden and the Pentagon seem to believe that DEI can enhance our military strength. Yet, as Breitbart News defense correspondent Kristina Wong smartly points out, their argument lacks substantial data to support their claims.

Schmitt Fights Back: The Four Amendments

This is where Schmitt, our hero, comes into play. He managed to successfully insert not one, but four amendments into the NDAA, effectively halting the runaway DEI agenda.

Curious about these amendments? Here’s the breakdown:

1. Amendment 371 calls for a thorough evaluation of the DOD’s DEI workforce and its projected growth over the next five years. Why? Because transparency matters!

2. Amendment 373 acts as a stop sign for the DOD. It prohibits the creation of new DEI administrator positions or filling existing vacancies until the results of the audit are available.

3. Amendment 382 demands a report on the National Defense Education Program’s Enhanced Education Program, as some of its awards seem to align with “progressive” ideologies like Critical Race Theory (CRT). Schmitt’s office isn’t a fan of that, and rightfully so!

4. Amendment 377 requires a detailed breakdown of the resources and manpower dedicated to DEI in 2023.

Putting an End to the “Woke” Parade

Schmitt’s objective with these amendments is to rein in the pervasive “woke pet projects.” He’s not holding back in his criticism. According to him, Missouri has a rich military culture, and as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, his mission is to ensure defense spending is focused on confronting global threats like China, rather than diverting resources to DEI initiatives that create division among our servicemembers.

He staunchly believes in preserving the military as a meritocracy and is shedding light on the time and money being poured into DEI, while also freezing new DEI administrative positions.

Schmitt’s fight rages on, as he remains determined to keep defense funding centered on preparedness and effectiveness, rather than being siphoned into “woke pet projects.”

What’s your take, folks? Is Schmitt’s approach the solution we need to get our military back on track? Let us know!

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