“FOX News @ Night” Takes the 11 pm ET Slot, Aiming to Be America’s Premier Late-Night News Show

Introduction: Fox News Channel’s “FOX News @ Night,” hosted by Trace Gallagher, is making a significant move to the coveted 11 pm ET timeslot as part of the network’s revamped primetime lineup. Gallagher, a veteran Fox News member since its inception in 1996, envisions the show as the go-to source for late-night news across America. With a commitment to live coverage, “FOX News @ Night” strives to deliver a comprehensive and up-to-date news broadcast to viewers nationwide.

The Importance of the 11 pm Timeslot: Recognized as the nation’s news hour, Trace Gallagher believes that airing at 11 pm offers a prime opportunity to capture a national audience, positioning the show as America’s ultimate late-night news program. By broadcasting during the local news hours, “FOX News @ Night” aims to establish itself as a trusted source of information for viewers in different time zones.

Discover More: Real-Time Coverage and Relevance: Emphasizing the value of live coverage, Gallagher ensures that “FOX News @ Night” keeps viewers informed about the latest events and provides insights into what lies ahead. The show aspires to present stories that have unfolded in the preceding hours, ongoing developments, and upcoming news, ensuring that viewers stay informed and up to speed.

The Connection to Greg Gutfeld: Gallagher is thrilled to follow the show of his long-time friend Greg Gutfeld, who hosts “Gutfeld!” in the timeslot prior to “FOX News @ Night.” Having a history together, with Gutfeld making his debut on Fox News as a guest on Gallagher’s show, Gallagher commends Gutfeld for his quick wit and cleverness, admiring his success on the network.

Additional Insight: Production and Reporting: Although “FOX News @ Night” is broadcasted from Los Angeles, Trace Gallagher’s production team is primarily located in Washington, D.C. Gallagher frequently travels to the East Coast to personally connect with his team. As a prominent breaking news correspondent, he has extensively covered major global events, including elections, conflicts, and the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring comprehensive live reporting.

In Conclusion: By making the transition to the 11 pm ET timeslot, “FOX News @ Night” aspires to establish itself as the leading late-night news program nationwide. Trace Gallagher, the show’s host, focuses on live coverage, delivering the latest news and valuable insights into upcoming events. With the opportunity to follow Greg Gutfeld’s show, Gallagher looks forward to engaging audiences with his dynamic reporting style.

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