Fox News Accuses Tucker Carlson of Violating Contract with New Online Show

Fox News has accused former host Tucker Carlson of breaching his contract by launching a new show, “Tucker on Twitter,” on the social media platform. The debut episode gained significant attention, garnering 80 million views in just one day. However, Fox News claims that Carlson’s contract explicitly states that his services should be exclusive to the network and prohibits any form of online streaming or digital distribution.

In response, Carlson’s legal team argues that any legal action taken by Fox News would infringe on his First Amendment rights. They assert that Fox News, which defends its existence based on freedom of speech, is now attempting to stifle Carlson’s right to express his opinions on social media platforms.

Carlson left Fox News in April, shortly after the network’s parent company settled a defamation lawsuit for a staggering $787.5 million. He described his new online show as a platform where he can freely express his thoughts on current events without any gatekeepers.

The resolution of the contractual dispute between Carlson and Fox News remains uncertain as the situation unfolds.

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