Former Publicist Linked to Kanye West Named in Trump Election Indictment

Trevian C. Kutti, once known as Kanye West’s publicist, has emerged as one of the names listed in the recently unsealed indictment by Fulton County District Attorney in relation to the Trump election case. While not as prominent as other figures like Rudy Giuliani or Mark Meadows, Kutti’s connection to Kanye West and her involvement in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election raises questions. Video evidence shows Kutti attempting to convince Georgia election worker Ruby Freeman, who had been targeted by Trump, to admit to election fraud. The indictment charges Kutti, along with Stephen Cliffguard Lee and Harrison William Prescott Floyd, with conspiracy and witness tampering. Allegedly, they conspired to obtain false statements from Freeman about the events at State Farm Arena during the November 3, 2020, election. Kutti allegedly traveled to Fulton County and contacted Freeman in pursuit of these objectives. The indictment further claims that Kutti, Lee, and Floyd engaged in deceptive behavior, offering Freeman protection and assistance to influence her testimony. These actions occurred around January 4, 2021, approximately two months after Kanye West ended his presidential bid. While Kutti’s association with Kanye West is known, there are conflicting statements suggesting she was not involved with West or his ventures during the reported incidents. The inclusion of individuals from different backgrounds adds complexity to the case, highlighting the diverse range of people implicated in the alleged events.

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